About fake news in Flipboard:

What we regard as fake news is any content, regardless of its substance, political stance, or source, that appears to intentionally deceive its readers with information it purports to be true. As such, it is fundamentally at odds with Flipboard's mission: "Great stories move the world forward."

How is Flipboard addressing fake news?

Flipboard strives to be a well-lit platform where quality content can thrive. Some of the ways we do this are through partnerships, as well as curation. For instance, we do not partner with publishers that appear to intentionally publish information that they know to be false, nor do we encourage or benefit from advertisements that are overly intrusive or offensive to our users. Additionally, we won’t highlight or promote fake news on Flipboard in feeds curated by our team.

How to report fake news:

If you see articles from questionable sources that don’t meet our content standards, you can mute them. This won’t remove the source from Flipboard, but you won’t see their articles in your feed.

If you encounter an article or source promoting misinformation, send us a note here in the help center and include:

  • Article title
  • Source name
  • The feed it came from