Flipboard’s mission is to inform and inspire the world. Many people on our platform actively participate in this mission by curating Flipboard Magazines and Storyboards and commenting on others’ stories, which empowers people to gain a deeper understanding of what they care about the most. We value self-expression and a diverse set of viewpoints and the respectful debate of ideas. To ensure the inclusion and safety of everyone in the community, we have developed these Community Guidelines.

We invite you to participate with us in cultivating a healthy Flipboard community. Before you jump in, please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with our Community Guidelines. In case you see content or comments that violate these Community Guidelines, you can report them to us by selecting the “Report” option, and someone from Flipboard’s Community Support Team will review them.

Besides the guidelines below, we have zero tolerance for content that is hateful, threatening, or disrespectful. We reserve the right to take action on content or comments that violate our Terms + Conditions or these Community Guidelines, including content removal, account discipline, or account termination.

The following content will not be tolerated on the Flipboard platform:

Hateful content

  • Content that attacks, marginalizes, or dehumanizes a group of people or an individual because of their race, religion, disability, ethnicity, disease, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, financial means, immigration status, or political party affiliation. This includes but is not limited to using slurs, epithets, tropes, conspiracy theories, or misinformation.
  • Content that contains name-calling, abusive insults, bullying, harassing, stalking, trolling, or is considered likely to disrupt, provoke, or attack others.
  • Content that threatens or glorifies violence.
  • Links to websites with hateful content.

Objectionable content

  • Content that is pornographic, sexually explicit, obscene, or contains nudity intended to titillate.
  • Content that is vulgar, utilizes profanity, or is otherwise offensive.
  • Content that is violent or cruel.
  • Content that contains graphically violent, abusive, or gory images.
  • Content that promotes or glorifies self-mutilation, eating disorders, physical abuse, or drug abuse.
  • Content that is deemed to be off-topic.


  • Content that misrepresents information about public health and safety.
  • Content that misrepresents information related to elections and voting.
  • Content that contains digitally manipulated video or images.
  • Content which contains information or conspiracy theories that has been debunked.
  • Content that impersonates a person, group, brand, or business.
  • Flipboard forbids anyone to misrepresent their affiliation with any person or entity.


  • Content automatically posted at high volumes.
  • Content manually copied and pasted across comment sections.
  • Unapproved content that advertises products or services for profit or gain.
  • Content that contains deceptive web redirects.
  • Content that qualifies as phishing, that might abuse or present a security threat to Flipboard or Flipboard users.

Unethical and Illegal content

  • Flipboard has zero tolerance for child pornography or exploitation. We report any instances to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), who works closely with law enforcement.
  • Content that condones or encourages unlawful activity.
  • Content that involves defamation or contempt of court.
  • Content that infringes on intellectual property, copyright, or trademark rights.
  • Content that depicts or promotes unwanted sexual contact or touching.
  • Content that promotes illegal drugs, firearms, or explosives.
  • Content that markets prostitution or escort services.
  • Content that displays personal information such as phone numbers and/or postal or email addresses.
  • Content that contains links to other websites that violate our Community Guidelines.
For more information, please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.