Different layouts are due to content curators sourcing content from different publishers.

You'll see a few different types of formats on Flipboard:


Webview articles have layouts that mirror their web page experiences, including their embedded advertising. You can click reader view to strip out much of the extra web clutter for easier reading.

RSS feed

RSS feed-based articles have limits set by the feed owner which determine how much content to display. Sometimes they provide only a few lines of text and no images, other times they include all text and images. We respect these rules and limits on RSS feeds.


Storyboards are curated collections of articles (usually five to twelve) intended to "tell a story" on a particular topic. You'll need to click on the individual articles to read them. The publisher will generally add text to introduce the topic and subheadings break up the list of articles into logical chunks, like chapters in a book. Unlike a Magazine or topic feed, a Storyboard is a static page.

Reader View

You can simplify and standardize the layout of an article using the reader-view icon in the top right corner. Note this view may over-simplify articles with some types of embedded media.