Any topic or Magazine you follow on Flipboard can be turned into a widget for your iPhone or iPad. Whether you follow industry topics or a niche Magazine, the newest Flipboard widget is designed to bring you the stories you love, right on your Home Screen. You can edit the widget anytime by long pressing on the widget or create multiple widgets for all your passions.

The new dynamic edition of the widget comes in several variations, from thumbnail with a single story to a roundup of the latest stories. Headlines displayed are updated every time the widget loads. Tapping a headline will open it in the app. So in order to interact with stories, you must be signed in.

Add the dynamic Flipboard widget:

  1. Long press anywhere on your iPhone or iPad screen until the icons jiggle.
  2. Tap the + in the upper left of your screen.
  3. Select Flipboard and browse the gallery of widget types and sizes.
  4. Select the Following widget.
  5. Once installed, long press on the widget to customize it.

If you want to create a second widget for another Topic or Magazine you follow, follow the same five steps. You can add as many Flipboard widgets as you’d like, and choose a different size for each one. For example, you can add a medium widget that displays the latest stories from the Technology Topic, a large widget with stories from your favorite fitness Magazine, as well as a small widget with top news stories from the Daily Edition. Adding Flipboard widgets to your iPhone and iPad gives you quick access to the latest stories about the things you care most about.

How do I change the content that appears in the Flipboard widget?

Long press on the widget to customize it. Note: Localized content may not be available for all regions and languages.

Remove the old Flipboard widget:

For the time being, adding the new, advanced widget will not remove the older-style widget. You'll need to do that manually.

  1. Swipe right on your device’s home screen
  2. Tap Edit and then Customize
  3. Scroll down to the Flipboard widget and tap the red - symbol


The advanced widget requires iOS 15+. It won't appear in the list of available widgets on older iOS.

Can't upgrade to iOS 15+? There's an older-style widget still available for now. Instead of the + at the top on your Today view, you'll choose Edit and then Customize. Flipboard will appear in the list. Hit the red + symbol next to Flipboard, then Done.