For You is the best of everything you follow, pulling content from all of the magazines, topics, and sources (e.g. people, publishers, and social) you already follow into one magazine. If you haven't followed much yet, we may fill it with recommended content.

Engage with For You:

There are a number of social actions accessible while browsing through your For You. Hover over a story to:
1. Flip.
2. Like.
3. Share via email, text, or other app.
4. Write a comment.

Personalize your For You:If you're seeing content in your For You you find questionable or would rather not see, hit the down arrow caret and select Show less like this. This will hide the story from view. Select the Report option if you find that the story is inappropriate. This will also hide the story from view in addition to flagging it for review.

Currently, it's not possible to mute a source on Flipboard for Web.