For You is your home feed. It contains the best of everything you follow--pulling content from all of your magazines, topics, and sources (e.g. people, publishers, and social) into one magazine. If you haven't followed much yet, we may fill it with recommended content.

Tap on any of the three featured articles or swipe up to view the rest of its contents. From here, you can:

Browse your home feed

You can either tap a story to view it in full or swipe up to view the next one.

Engage with articles

There are a number of social actions you can take once you land on a story.
  • Like an article
  • Flip to magazine
  • Share via email, text, or other app
  • Tap on the three vertical dots to open your menu sheet
  • Write a comment (Android/iOS app only)

Tune your home feed

Your For You feed contains a mix of all the topics, magazines, and users you follow. If you're seeing articles and sources in your home feed that you find questionable or would rather not see, you can train the app to ensure it delivers content that you'll enjoy. There are two different ways to tune your feed.

Personalization Menu

Tap the Tune slider icon at the top right of your For You feed to open your Personalize options. From here you can add and remove topics. It will suggest related topics you might want to follow as well. The more specific you make your topic selections (example: following #Italian Cooking vs just #Food), the more fine-tuned your feed can be.

In addition to this Personalize screen (or if you're on a tablet or the web), you can add topics and magazines in the Explore search tab and remove them in the Following tab. Remember that For You will pull from all the topics, magazines, and other sources you follow. The more thoughtfully and specifically you refine what you follow, the more targeted For You will become.

Actions Menu

Tap on the three vertical dots icon on a story to open your menu sheet. From here you can tap Like to see more content like this or Less like this to open more tuning options for you to choose from.
  • This isn't interesting to me: Select Show less to see fewer stories with these topic tags and/or stories that come from this source. This won’t mute any source or topic; it will just show items like this less.
  • This is off topic: Select this option when the story is off-topic.
  • Mute: Select mute if you no longer want stories from this source to appear anywhere on Flipboard. Unmute a source by going into your Settings > Muted Sources > then tapping to uncheck a muted source.
  • Report: Select report if the selected story violates our Community Guidelines. This will remove the selected story from your feed and flag it for review.