Adjust your Advanced Settings:

1. Tap on your Profile tab
2. Tap the gear icon to open Settings
3. Select Advanced, then make your selections
4. Hit the back arrow, then Done to finish

Autoplay Videos

Adjust this setting to tell Flipboard how you want videos to be played in-app. Autoplay videos on third-party and non-partner websites are not affected.
  • Always autoplay videos in feed: Videos will always autoplay.
  • WiFi only: Videos will autoplay only when you're on a WiFi connection.
  • Turn off in feeds: Videos in your feed will not autoplay.
Note: This setting is only available on iPhone.

Mute Autoplay Videos

Switch this setting on to mute audio from all autoplaying videos.

Show AirDrop

Turning on AirDrop will allow you to share items from Flipboard to other connected iOS devices. Once you have ensured both devices are on the same WiFi, and Bluetooth is enabled, long press on an article to open the iOS share menu and you'll see AirDrop at the top of the menu.

Suggest Saving Copied Links

This is an interesting setting. When this is turned on Flipboard will remember any URL you copy from the search bar. When you return to Flipboard, you'll see a quick, blue banner notification asking if you'd like to save that copied link to one of your magazines.

Clear Content Cache  

If Flipboard is ever acting funky on your iOS device, this is a great first step for troubleshooting. Tap this and then try force-quitting and restarting Flipboard. Clearing the cache is a good practice to get into; especially if you use Flipboard for long periods of time.