There are a number of push notifications you can opt-in and opt-out of on Flipboard. Here’s a quick explanation of each of them.

Content Notification Types

Content Recommendations

The most common type of notification is for editorial content based on topics you follow on Flipboard. Sometimes we also send notifications about specific events (e.g. The Golden Globe Awards, Superbowl, etc).

Daily Edition

The Daily Edition is our hand-curated roundup of the day’s important news, with some fun thrown in. Grab your morning cup of coffee and tap to open this push notification to get a high-level digest of what’s going on in the world.

Breaking News

We don’t use this one too often, but if aliens were attacking beachgoers in San Diego, or if Niagara Falls turned into chocolate milk, we might send you a Breaking News notification.

Social Notification Types


Another Flipboard user likes an item you’ve flipped into one of your Magazines.


A user comments on an item you flipped into a Magazine. You’ll also receive notifications when other users comment on items that you have commented on previously.


Another Flipboard user has flipped an article you previously flipped.


When you follow other Flipboard users, you have the ability to @mention them in comments. If someone @mentions you, you will receive a notification.


If you’re curating your Magazines a lot and flipping in great content, your Flips will surface in topic feeds that others are following. This is how others discover the Magazines you’re curating. If they choose to follow one of your Magazines, or your profile, you will receive this notification.

Group Magazines

Have you tried curating Group Magazines with your friends? When co-curators flip stories into shared Magazines, we can let you know with this notification.