Your Flipboard home feed on your phone is algorithmically generated. It is, primarily, a mix of the content you follow in Flipboard, as well as content from any social feeds you have linked to your Flipboard in the Accounts section. 

If you're wondering, "Why am I seeing this in my feed?", the app indicates where it's coming from. You can see the source of the article, as well as an indicator as to why you're seeing it. Perhaps it's because it appeared in a section or Magazine that you follow. 

However, we are testing some new content recommendation sections. Occasionally, Flipboard will surface additional items from sections like "Most Liked", "Most Commented", or popular articles other Flipboard users with similar interests are reading. This is a way to introduce people to content they *may* be interested in, but didn't know about otherwise. It's a "snapshot" into what is happening globally across Flipboard.  

If you are flipping through your Home feed and see something irrelevant to your interests, just as you would do in a print Magazine, you can flip past it, or select the 3-dot menu, then "Less Like This", and select your preferences.