We only want to send you emails you love. If you no longer wish to receive specific or all Flipboard emails, you can adjust your email subscriptions at any time.

Unsubscribe from a Flipboard email

Open a Flipboard email and hit Unsubscribe at the footer.

You will no longer receive emails for that type. However, you may still receive other kinds of emails from Flipboard. Tap Manage my emails and select Unsubscribe OR Unsubscribe From All.

Subscribe or unsubscribe via Flipboard.com

  1. Go to your Profile menu.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Under Email Settings, check or uncheck to control which emails you want to receive.

Web Only

Email subscriptions must be edited on the Flipboard.com website. This setting is not available in the apps.

Flipboard emails trapped in your spam folder?

Don't forget to add Flipboard to your contact list to ensure you receive your subscribed emails in your inbox.