Flipboard Referral Traffic Detection

1. Overview

Web traffic from Flipboard can be detected through the use of UTM parameters. These parameters are appended to publisher URLs before opening in any Flipboard client (iOS, Android, web).

2. How to Detect Flipboard Traffic

Flipboard appends two UTM parameters to every publisher URL:

2.1 utm_source

utm_source is always set to "flipboard"

2.2 utm_content

utm_content indicates the Flipboard context of the article. See below for more details.

3. Example URL with UTM parameters

Below is an example of a URL Flipboard clients would open if a user taps/clicks on an article.

Flipboard Card  


Note the utm_source value "flipboard" and the utm_content value (URL-encoded) "archwizard%2Fmagazine%2FLurking+Beyond"

The decoded utm_content value is "archwizard/magazine/Lurking+Beyond"

Breaking the utm_content value down slightly, the first part (before the forward slash) indicates a Flipboard user, "archwizard."

The second part, "Magazine," indicates that the article was flipped into an archwizard-owned magazine.

The third part is the Magazine title that the article was flipped into, "Lurking+Beyond." The plus character indicates a space in the magazine name.

4. References

For more information about UTM parameters, please see the following resources