The server is a fast, reliable, and welcoming home for Flipboard users to easily get started in the Fediverse. Head on over to to request an invite to our new Mastodon instance (aka server).

Once you get your invite, you can create an account and start exploring alongside other Flipboard users and curators. We’ll share tips, feature interesting people to follow, and collect feedback. Our instance also gives curators another place to share their latest Magazines with a whole new group of people in the Fediverse.

Once you have a Mastodon account, you can connect it to your Flipboard to flip through and interact with your Mastodon timelines in beautiful Flipboard fashion. 

Tips to Get Started:

  • We strongly recommend that you use the same profile name on as you use on Flipboard so that the community knows you’re the same person.
  • Fill out your Mastodon profile just as you would on another platform, and be sure to include your Flipboard profile URL in the bio section.
  • Once you have an account, you can connect with anyone on Mastodon, no matter which instance they are on, because Mastodon instances are connected (or federated) with each other.

Best Practices for Connecting with the Community:

  • Add your perspective when you share a link.
  • We want to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to share their voice and be heard, so we don’t allow automated posting.
  • If you are a content creator, sharing your own content is, of course, welcome.
  • It is good practice to engage with other users and share their content as well.
  • Hashtags are important on Mastodon as they let others find your posts. To use hashtags, simply include the "#" symbol followed by the word or phrase you want to tag.
  • Use capitalization to make phrases easier to read. For instance, instead of #learningmastodon use #LearningMastodon.

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