The more you engage with and promote your Flipboard profile, the more you will get out of your presence.
Add the Flipboard Follow and Share social buttons to your website to increase followers and encourage your readers to share your content with their followers on Flipboard. Go here for more information on how to add these links to your website.

Start manually curating Magazines (in addition to your Magazines with RSS feeds) to package content around an event, theme or editorial idea. Installing our browser extension or bookmarklet makes curating from anywhere on the web a lot easier. You can then promote this Magazine on your social channels and on your site with our Flipboard Magazine Widget. People do not need to have Flipboard to read your Magazines, so feel free to share them in all your normal channels.
Encourage your writers and contributors to create Flipboard Accounts, curate their own stories, interact with and contribute to your publisher profile, write comments, and promote their Flipboard profiles on other social media platforms (e.g., “Follow my stories on Flipboard”). All of this will help raise the reach of your stories on our platform — and drive more traffic in the process.