How big is Flipboard?

Since Flipboard’s launch in 2010, our base has grown to more than 100 million monthly active and highly engaged users from all corners of the globe. We are in 196 countries localized in 20+ languages and free to everyone. People use Flipboard on all devices — from tablets to phones to PCs.

What Flipboard's audience like?

Flipboard’s readership breaks down to approximately one-third Millennial, one-third Gen-X, and one-third Boomer, and is split pretty evenly between Male and Female. Our users are influential, curious, and affluent readers who invest in themselves by learning more about what they love.

How do I see traffic from Flipboard?

If you share articles from sites you manage, the traffic directs back to your website from Flipboard and is captured in the same analytics tool that you currently use to measure your website traffic. This data will come in as a referral under “Flipboard.” Because we are directing traffic back to your site, there is no need to set up Comscore or Google Analytics with Flipboard.

If our system detects AMP pages we will display the AMP version of an article over your mobile site. Please keep this in mind when checking your referral traffic.

We've been getting traffic from Flipboard but don't have a profile. How is this happening?

You are receiving referral traffic most likely because Flipboard functions like a web browser. If another Flipboard user shared articles from your website in their Flipboard Magazine, using our “flip it” bookmark, then you may be seeing traffic from people reading those stories.

Are there any monetization/revenue programs?

Currently, your property would receive referral traffic from Flipboard, which you are free to monetize on your own site. We will be updating this space as we continue to build out our revenue programs. Stay tuned!

How do I contact Flipboard about promoting my content?

Feel free to reach out to for promoted content opportunities on Flipboard.