What if I can't log in for some reason?

Your account is associated with the email address used to create it. Please send an email to publisher_support@Flipboard.com from that email address.

Please note: Each profile on Flipboard can only be associated with one email address; meaning, users can’t use the same email address to create multiple Flipboard Accounts.

I can't flip content from my website. Why is this happening?

Your website may be blocking Flipboard in your robots.txt file. Make sure that your website and feed domain’s robots.txt allows the user-agents “Flipboard” or “FlipboardProxy” to crawl your content. More information can be found here.

What are other scenarios wheen I should contact creator support?

  • To remove a story that you don’t want surfacing on Flipboard if it was already shared with us
  • When you update a story on your site (ex: headline change, new image etc) and you notice the changes are not reflecting on Flipboard

Contact: publisher_support@Flipboard.com