We’re making finding your local news easier than ever. Stories and videos from local publishers, blogs, and TV stations will be visible in your For You feed so you can stay in the loop with your community as you flip through Flipboard. To enable these new local features, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the app. When you next open the updated app you’ll be asked for permission to use your location.

Location access allows Flipboard to suggest local topics for you to follow, including the nearest cities and towns. Select one or more of these local topics to follow and we’ll include that local content in your For You feed. They will be added to your Flipboard Following tab in the app so you can jump to them any time. And from the Following tab you can add these local topics to your top Home bar.

Updating throughout the day, local topics allow you to stay current with breaking news and community happenings in your area. Larger metro topics also feature subsections for video content and more specific interests, like Sports, Politics, Business, and Things To Do.

We are continuing to bring even more local coverage into Flipboard. If your city isn’t represented, please let us know by tweeting us @Flipboard.

How we use your location permissions:

  • We use zip-code level “course granularity” by default
  • We do not store your location data
  • We only check location data once every 15 minutes

Who is eligible for location-based local news:

  • Users in the US and Canada (we will match you with the closest of 1000+ cities)
  • iOS devices and Android phones (not yet available on Android tablets)