We respect the privacy choices of our users. To control your visibility on Flipboard, you can set your account from public to private, and vice versa.

Set your profile to private

  1. Go to your Profile.
  2. Tap the Settings icon.
  3. Select Edit Profile and choose Privacy Settings.
  4. Toggle the Private Profile switch.

What happens when I set my profile to private?

  • Your profile statistics (followers, likes, and magazine count) will be hidden from others.
  • Your magazines will be set to private.
  • Your profile will no longer be searchable in Explore or recommended to others.

How do I make my profile public again?

To revert the privacy setting just follow the same steps as above, but toggle the privacy switch off. Your magazines will remain private unless you manually set them public.

How do I make my magazines public?

Setting your profile back to public will not update the privacy setting of your magazines. To make them public again, toggle the privacy switch for each of your magazines.

  1. Go to your Profile and choose Magazines.
  2. Tap to Edit the magazine.
  3. Toggle the Private switch and tap Save.