If you made any changes to your feed after your application was rejected, you can remove the existing RSS feed and then submit a new one for review.

Submit a new RSS magazine

  1. Log into flipboard.com, then go to your Settings.
  2. Click Cancel Publisher Application and confirm.
  3. Refresh the page, click Become a Publisher.
  4. Click Create Magazine.
  5. Enter a title, description, and any tags about your magazine, then click Next.
  6. Enter your RSS feed URL, then click Add Source. Your feed should contain at least the 20 most recent items from your website.
Be sure your feed meets our RSS guidelines before you resubmit. Specifically, your RSS feed should include the following fields:
  • <title>: Title of the item where any special HTML characters should be encoded.
  • <link>: URL of the item. It is preferred that the domain name of the host in the URL should match the domain for the RSS feed itself.
  • <description>: An excerpt of the article. It should generally contain 300 or more characters to provide an attractive, informative summary. Note, the amount of excerpt text that displays in the app may differ for each article depending on visual layout considerations.
  • <pubDate>: The publication date of the article, compliant with the combined ISO 8601 format or the RFC822 standard, including time zone.
  • <guid>: A unique ID for this item in your feed (can be the item URL).
  • <dc:creator>: The author(s) of the article.
  • <enclosure>: Use this tag to add a media element that will be used in layout view to illustrate your article. This can be an image or video. For videos, mobile-friendly .mp4 format is strongly preferred. For images, a high-resolution image is preferred; the smallest dimension should not be under 500px.
  • <category>: You can specify a topic that describes the article. This is an optional field.