Why am I losing traffic? Is there a problem?

The more you engage with and promote your Flipboard profile, the more you will get out of your presence.

Below are some tips and tricks to drive readers to your content. However, keep in mind that your traffic is also a result of the topics your content covers, the quality of content you share, and the amount of content you're sharing.

  • Make sure your content is consistently updating on your profile. Are your feeds including all of your content?
  • Make sure your feeds follow our RSS guidelines. We find that content that displays an image does better than content that has no image on Flipboard.
  • Share your profile and Magazines on other social channels or add the Flipboard Follow and Share social button to your website. This lets your readers know that you have a presence on Flipboard.
  • Organize your profile similar to how you organize your website. This allows users to either follow your entire profile, or the Magazines with the topics that they’re interested in. Magazines should be used to package content around a similar topic, theme, or event.

In addition to the tips above, please check out our Publisher Q&A for other ways to optimize your profile.