If you see content in your home feed that you find questionable or would rather not see, you can train Flipboard to ensure it delivers less of that and more of content you'll enjoy. We don't currently offer the ability to truly mute a topic. However, you can train your feed to show you less content related to that topic by choosing "Show less like this."

Tune your home feed:

  1. While viewing an article from a source you’d like to mute, tap ⋮ to view your menu options.
  2. Select Show less like this.

Selecting “Show less like this” will hide that particular article from your feed. However, in the bigger picture this may not work quite the way you expect. Let me start by explaining how the "Less Like This" feature works, and some of its limitations.

First, Less Like This is only available in the US and select international markets. It is not available to all international users.

Second, the Show Less Like This menu option only works in the For You feed, and not for Magazines and topic feeds that you follow. This is because Magazines and topic feeds are not personalized; every Flipboard user gets the same content. For You is personalized, so we apply your preferences in ranking and filtering the feed.

When you follow a topic, any subtopics will get an extra boost inside your feed. When you tap on Show Less Like this, a negative signal is distributed across all topic tags for that story. Then, if you additionally tap Show Less for a specific topic tag, that also gets an additional negative signal. If you do this a few times, eventually the topic gets a negative signal powerful enough to filter it out from For You in the future.

However, things get tricky with related and subtopics. For example, Basketball is a subtopic of Sports and stories about Basketball will always be tagged with Sports and likely other related topics like College Sports, Olympics, and Sneakers. "Show Less Like" is a signal that accumulates over time, and combines with other positive signals (views, likes, followed topics) that affect the frequency of articles you see, but may not eliminate the topic entirely from your feeds.

To narrow down your feed contents, it may help to follow only the subtopics of interest rather than bigger over-arching topics.