Your account is a Mastodon account in the fediverse, where you can post and reply to people, as well as find and follow people on Mastodon and other federated networks. On Mastodon, you may post, but you might also just scroll through conversations — similar to how you would use X or Threads.

When your Flipboard account is federated, it simply means your existing Flipboard profile and (public) Magazine curation are available to everyone in the fediverse. People in the fediverse can find and follow your Flipboard profile and all of your public Magazines. When people follow your profile or individual Magazines, they will see stories you curate display in their home timeline as a ‘post.’ They can comment, boost or reply to your post like any other social content.

If you have a Mastodon account (like, you may choose to keep it active to post and reply to people in the fediverse, just like having a Threads profile. You can even use these accounts to promote your federated Flipboard profile and Magazine feeds.

If you do not want to keep your profile active, we recommend creating a post with a CTA to follow your newly federated account and pin it to your profile. We are exploring ways to port or move your followers from to your account but this feature does not exist today. (here’s an example: